In 2019 Stine Hoff created PORCELAIN. A natural perfume brand that focuses on high quality and 100% natural ingredients while also reviving the old tradition of porcelain perfume flacons. Stine is the founder and perfumer behind the brand. Following her true passion in life, she has collected experience in perfumemaking and inspiration many different places around Europe.


As a child, Stine was infatuated with perfumes. Her sensitive nose that let her on this path, supported by her beloved dad who had always encouraged her passion. He would travel the world and bring back scented gifts that created early memories connected to fragrance in Stines mind and sensory awareness.


One day Stine and her dad went on a trip to Egypt together. They visited a perfume factory and this magical travel nurtured 17 year old Stines interest in perfume even more. Her fascination grew during their time in the Orient and she brought back with her a beautiful solid perfume tub made out of porcelain. It has now lasted more than 20 years and was initially the source of inspiration for the design of the PORCELAIN flacon.


After having three children, Stine ́s perception of senses transformed.
She suddenly reacted to synthetic perfumes with headache and nausea.
In deep disappointment it felt like she had to give up a big part of her personality. Luckily it opened her eyes for a whole new and divine world of natural perfumes that she could enjoy to her fullest without any negative side effects. But also initiated this huge desire for learning more about raw ingredients and natural perfumery.

The products on the market didn’t live up to her desire though.
The natural scents reminded more to aromatherapy and the aesthetics left much to be desired. She wanted to make her own products that would be the perfect and missing match between nature and luxury. Her fire was lit and the dream of becoming a natural perfumer was born.


Little did Stine Hoff know that the natural scents would soon bring her to healing in a time of dispair. Not only would synthetic materials make her ill, but natural essences would heal her soul. Eager to learn more and after the loss of her father, she quit her job and went to Italy to learn the ancient art of perfumery with the best in the world. Stine was convinced to follow her new path, so she teamed up with Creative Director Mads Jakob Poulsen (Poulsen Projects), a long time friend of hers living in New York. She started working on her heart project with great enthusiasm and brought to live our first 3 perfumes, created with a strong purpose and pure passion.