PORCELAIN was created in 2019 by natural perfumer Stine Hoff. Gathering inspiration from around the world, the natural perfume brand focuses on high quality, 100% natural ingredients while reviving the age-old tradition of porcelain perfume bottles.


From an early age, Stine was captivated by the intoxicating scents of perfumes. Inspired and encouraged by her father, who travelled the world and brought back fragrant gifts that awakened Stine’s senses and allowed her mind to wander to foreign shores, she decided to follow her passion and create PORCELAIN.


In 1996 Stine travelled to Egypt with her father, where they visited a perfume factory. The magical adventure spurred 17-year-old Stine’s interest in perfume and her fascination for the world of fragrance grew during their time in the ancient land. She brought back a decorative porcelain jar of solid perfume that has lasted more 20 years and was the source of inspiration for the design of the PORCELAIN bottle.


After having three children, Stine ́s sensory perceptions changed. Synthetic perfumes left her with headaches and nausea and, deeply disappointed, she stopped using the fragrances she loved. Luckily, however, the experience opened her eyes to the world of natural perfumes, which she could enjoy to the fullest and without any negative side effects. As the products she found didn’t live up to her expectations – the natural scents available to her were reminiscent of aromatherapy oils and the aesthetics left much to be desired – it spurred her desire to learn more about the raw ingredients used in natural perfumery. Her dream of becoming a natural perfumer was soon to become a reality, profiling the perfect marriage of nature and luxury.


Little did Stine know that natural scents would bring her healing in a time of despondency. Synthetic perfumes made her ill, but natural essences would heal her soul: after the untimely loss of her father, she quit her day job and travelled to Italy to learn the ancient art of perfumery from some of the best noses in the world. Determined to follow this new path, she teamed up with creative director Mads Jakob Poulsen, a long-time friend based in New York, and slowly brought to life the first three perfumes, each created with a strong purpose and passion, in the CEREMONY collection.