Allow Yourself To Reconnect With Nature.

With a conscious mind we proudly stand behind our ideal all natural, pure and raw perfumes that are made from carefully selected high quality ingredients extracted directly from flowers, plants, fruits, herbs, resins and woods. They are gentle, complex and carry so many nuances which can only be found in nature.

PORCELAIN combines the arts and crafts of natural perfumery with the one of porcelain manufacturing. In both we seek beauty and quality. We bring back alive the ancient art of making and containing perfumes. The porcelain bottles are designed by founder Stine Hoff and award-winning art director Mads Jakob Poulsen and inspired by vintage porcelain flacons combined with clean lines and functionality of Scandinavian design.

Less is more, in design and in perfumery. There is endless complexity of fragrance found in natural raw materials that´s why we are aiming for exclusive and unconventional fragrance creations by using a limited amount of ingredients. To make each single component shine and have their space to ‘breath’.

Our mission is to re-introduce the soul of perfumery into modern days. 

Slow beauty

We are happy to be part of the slow beauty movement that supports a conscious and healthy lifestyle. Perfumery takes it´s time. Natural perfumes have to mature for several months, be moderated and perfected – its not uncommon for the design process for one scent to take years. It is worth the wait.

The Slow beauty movement invites us to take the breaks we deserve and embrace our diversity and celebrate all ages in life. Let us take a more holistic and natural approach to looking after ourselves and the world around us. All our perfumes are produced using environmentally friendly processes, with future generations in mind. We encourage you to use our perfumes as a part of a daily ritual that can support you to be grounded in a fast modern lifestyle.

Natural scents develop over time on and with your skin – Explore closely the volatile top notes, then the heart of the perfume to the depths and beauty of the lingering base notes. Give it time and enjoy the ride. WEAR IT – FEEL IT – FALL FOR IT.


Stine Hoff is certified with IPF (the International Perfume Foundation). Certified Natural Perfumers refrain from using any forms of:

Animal musks, Animal testing (by perfumers or their suppliers), Synthetic Compounds, Parabens, Phthalates (carcinogens and endocrine disruptors), Isolates, Phenoxyethanol, Glycols, Ethoxylated compounds

As certified by IPF we are proud to be a part of their