Perfume has been used since ancient times, where zesty fruits, exotic spices and rare flowers have been combined to create complex and exclusive fragrances with depth.

Transforming scents from carefully selected natural ingredients into intoxicating perfumes with complex notes, PORCELAIN combines the artisan skill of natural perfumery with the craftsmanship of delicate porcelain to reignite the ancient art of perfume making. Updating the ancient soul of perfumery to modern sensibilities, the result is a series of high-quality niche perfumes that allow each ingredient to have its moment on the skin, in the air and in your mind.

The PORCELAIN bottles take their cues from vintage porcelain vessels and the clean lines and functionality of Scandinavian design. Not only beautiful to look at, the opaque bottles ensure the perfume within isn’t degraded.

Slow beauty

Making perfume takes time. Natural perfumes require great skill and patience to create, maturing over several months before being perfected. It is not uncommon to spend years making a single scent. This form of slow beauty allows us to carefully cultivate our niche scents in a holistic way. And as natural perfumes develop and linger on the skin, they allow you to discover top notes, the heart of the perfume and the depths of the lingering base notes at a leisurely pace. All our perfumes are produced using environmentally friendly processes with future generations in mind. We encourage you to use our perfumes as a part of a daily ritual that helps to ground you in our fast-paced modern lives.


PORCELAIN is IPF-certified. The International Perfume Foundation certification is internationally recognised and prohibits certified natural perfumers from using any forms of the following:

Animal musk, animal testing (by perfumers or their suppliers), synthetic compounds, parabens, phthalates (carcinogens and endocrine disruptors), isolates, phenoxyethanol, glycols and ethoxylated compounds.