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Inspired by the mouth-wateringly fragrant Osmanthus flower, this scent reminds of smoky black tea, ripe apricots and sweet olive. It invites you to indulge in sensual daydreams.

A Steaming hot light Reflecting naked skin Soft breathtakingly bright Heavy Summer rain pouring down - pearls pulsing heartbeat fresh wet curls

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With a citrusy opening, this scent builds up on ethereal spiciness. Uplifting and energizing notes of nutmeg and black pepper invite you to get your natural high on Myristica.

A story once told far away The holy land in sight. A scented breeze gourmet Come walk with me the spicy sand We´ll flee into a desert night

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SCENT OF THE YEAR 2020 An earthy symphony of aromatic cedar wood, clary sage and orris butter evoking impressions of sacred rituals. Cedarté lingers softly on your skin, grounding yet stimulating.

A secretly forgotten dream Dark´n´smoky open fire Ruby red tipsy lips Breeze me whiskey Touch me velvet Rich in gold and good at heart Woodwork in the name of art

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The Curiosity Set is a perfect way to explore the scented universe of PORCELAIN. It contains all 3 perfumes from our first collection ‘Ceremony’ and it will give you a complete and intoxicating experience. You can smell, feel and experience them on your skin and pick a favourite or love them all.