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Natural eau de parfum

Your Natural High

At PORCELAIN, our unwavering dedication is to create pure and natural perfumes that connect with you beyond your nose.

Guided by our commitment to excellence, we use only the finest quality raw materials in our perfumes, ensuring a truly exceptional olfactory experience. Using nature’s own ingredients, our perfumes evolve beautifully on your skin, stimulate the senses and become your own, making it a daily gesture of self love and an experience you carry with you throughout the day. 

Our scents are gender fluid and can be layered and mixed, crafting your very own scented ceremony.

“One of seven Scandinavian beauty trendsetters who are reimagining the industry in 2023 with an eye for nature-first innovation”

"You’ll be forgetting commercial factory scents for a while. This is liquid art on your skin, not gendered of course"

"100 Carefully Selected, Unusually Special Gifts: Headache-Free Perfume, No synthetics in this Danish scent”

“A chorus of scent that makes it difficult to identify each individual note, joining together to make something much more sophisticated”

"Porcelain is Danish and makes 100% natural perfumes that smell as good as they look on the bathroom shelf. And that says a lot, they are really pretty. The perfumes are all completely unique and enchanting in their own way."

Porcelain Perfumery ApS Curiosity Set Parfume Glass Spray Bottle

Find your favorite or love them all

Curiosity Set

Our Curiosity Set is the perfect way to explore the scented universe of PORCELAIN. It contains all five natural perfumes and will give you a complete experience.

Want to try on our different perfumes before buying the right one? Order our Curiosity Set, and we’ll deduct the price from your first 50 ml perfume purchase.