Porcelain is a new independent natural perfumery located just outside of Copenhagen on Denmark´s countryside.

In respect for the human body and soul and our love for nature we develop perfumes that are made from pure, skin-friendly, all-natural ingredients and finely sourced raw materials of highest quality.

Our natural perfume will uplift your senses.


Founder & Natural Perfumer


2.025,00 DKK

A Steaming hot light
Reflecting naked skin
Soft breathtakingly bright
Heavy Summer rain
pouring down - pearls
pulsing heartbeat
fresh wet curls

1.950,00 DKK

A story once told far away
The holy land in sight.
A scented breeze gourmet
Come walk with me the spicy sand
We´ll flee into a desert night

1.875,00 DKK

A secretly forgotten dream
Dark´n´smoky open fire
Ruby red tipsy lips
Breeze me whiskey
Touch me velvet
Rich in gold and good at heart
Woodwork in the name of art



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