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Bespoke Perfume

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Porcelain Perfumery ApS Osmanth 65 ML Parfume Full Porcelain Bottle

Bespoke Perfume

Let us guide you in the world of personalized perfume creation at our studio in the heart of Copenhagen. Our bespoke perfume process unfolds in three thoroughly crafted steps, ensuring a fragrance that embodies your unique essence.

All Natural Ingredients
Cruelty-Free and Vegan
Phthalate and Paraben Free

Step One

Heightening your senses

Step one begins with sensory immersion. You'll be blindfolded, heightening your olfactory senses as you explore a curated selection of exquisite all-natural premium ingredients. As you inhale each scent, we'll engage in a dialogue, uncovering the essence of your scented memories and what you seek in your signature scent.

Step Two

Testing three options

Next, we present you with three preliminary blends, each a reflection of our conversation and your scented desires. You then get to wear them for a test period of two weeks, allowing the fragrances to settle and evolve on your skin. Your choice will guide us forward when we meet again.

Step Three

Final Stage

In the final stage, we fine-tune. Together, we'll discuss any adjustments or refinements needed to perfect your bespoke perfume. With your input, we'll craft the final formulation, encapsulating your signature scent in a 30 ml flacon. 

To complete the experience, we'll design a bespoke label, bearing the name of your choice.

Your all natural perfume awaits, ready for pickup at our boutique on Sankt Annæ Plads. Alternatively, we offer shipping services, ensuring your custom creation reaches you wherever you may be. Your perfume will be delivered in a beautiful gift bag.