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Come Away with Us

Twice a year, we host exclusive perfumery retreats around the world where perfume lovers from different places come together to explore the magical and transformative world of natural scents. 

Our retreats consist of making your bespoke natural perfume and learning about the art and science of natural perfumery, from the origins of fragrance to the modern-day revival of natural scents.

We love to combine different experiences that treat all the senses in our retreats - we do morning yoga, make pasta, relax by the pool and go on scented walks. Our venues differ, but the hotels are always luxurious, relaxing and earth-friendly.

Workshops with Expert Guidance

Participate in our daily workshops led by founder Stine Hoff and gain insight into the fascinating world of botanical ingredients and traditional perfume-making techniques.

Stine will guide you in crafting your own signature scent tailored to your unique preferences, using a selection of premium-grade natural materials like cedarwood, rosemary, grapefruit and jasmine.

A retreat in a beautiful country where the yoga classes and perfume making made the trip an experience I’ll never forget. The food and wine tasting gave the trip an extra feeling of joy and pleasure 


This retreat was a replenishment for all senses. It gave energy for the autumn season. I loved the place, the people and all the content. It was a delightful balance between activity and rest. 

Ann Katrin

A lovely teacher - and fantastic to feel her passion … My eyes were opened for personal insight with people I didn’t know. 


A mindblowing and beautiful experience that will linger in your bones forever 


This was a long weekend of nourishment and fellowship in the tranquil Italian countryside. The yoga and meditation sessions were both challenging and comforting, providing an opportunity for contemplation and connection with new friends. This, coupled with Stine’s perfume-making course and incredible food and wine was a real sensory experience! 


Connect with Nature and your Senses

Our main goals with the retreats are to create more headspace, slowing down and connection with nature and yourself. Wander through fragrant gardens, get lost in moments of quiet reflection, and discover the emotional power of scent that connects you to your memories. 

Leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art and science of perfumery. Whether you're a fragrance enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our retreats offer an unforgettable experience that will enrich your knowledge about the world of natural perfume.

Join us on a journey of scent discovery and unlock the secrets of natural perfumery with PORCELAIN.

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