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Ancient Ways in a Modern Life

From an early age, Stine Hoff was captivated by the ancient world of perfumes. In 1996, a trip to a perfume factory in Egypt with her father sparked her passion, and she was very much inspired by a porcelain jar of solid perfume that later became a source of inspiration for the PORCELAIN bottle.

Later in life, motherhood changed Stine’s senses: synthetic perfumes began to cause headaches, and she had to stop using her beloved fragrances altogether. Natural perfumes became her solace, something she could enjoy without negative side effects.

After her father's passing, and with his encouragement in mind, Stine pursued her dream of being a full time natural perfumer. Learning the art from one of the world’s best noses in Italy, her calling came alive. Shortly after, she partnered with graphic designer Mads Jakob Poulsen, creating our first fragrances in 2019 and profiling the perfect marriage of nature and luxury.

Today, PORCELAIN is an award-winning haute perfume house redefining perfume history, making it a healthier industry for both people and the planet.