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Porcelain Perfumery ApS Myristica 15 ML Parfume Glass with Golden Lid


At the core of PORCELAIN lies a deep love for nature and its future. Making sure we minimize our footprint when manufacturing products has always been non-negotiable for us. We know that no company creating consumer products can be truly sustainable since the production process uses some of the planet’s resources.

To us, the road to a more earth-friendly world is a constant work in progress. We believe in clear, honest and transparent communication on our business’s impact on the planet and our road to a more sustainable way of life. And we believe every step counts.

All of our products are vegan, free of all additives and produced using environmentally friendly processes with future generations in mind. Everything from the scents to the bottles are made in Europe to minimize our emissions. Our products come in small batches and all our perfumes are hand bottled, minimizing production waste as much as possible.