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About Porcelain Perfumery

female led luxury

Founded in 2019 by natural perfumer and nose Stine Hoff, PORCELAIN is a European haute perfume house that pays tribute to nature, slow beauty and ancient perfume artistry.

“I believe in vibrant energies – wearing pure natural perfumes can heighten your energy and heal your soul. PORCELAIN's collections are tributes to ancient and spiritual ceremonies,” says Stine Hoff.

After a lifelong fascination with perfumes, Stine learned the art of natural perfumery from one of the best noses in the world when she visited Italy. 

Today, Stine is our Creative Director and nose based in our Copenhagen atelier from where she creates all of our scents sold worldwide.

why natural?

Perfume has been made since ancient times where zesty fruits, exotic spices and fragrant flowers have been combined to create complex and exclusive perfumes with depth without compromising with quality.

The art of natural perfumes with ingredients stemming from Earth itself has been proven to have both emotionally and physically healing qualities. We like to think of our scents as self care more than just smelling good for the sake of others, making your soul wander.

Do you need a dash of calmness after a hectic day? Maybe something grounding or a quick mood booster? 

Depending on your headspace and your body’s needs, our complex perfumes can impact you in different positive ways. From smokey black tea, black pepper and cedar wood to ripe apricots and sweet olives, all of our perfumes evoke different feelings.

And on top of that, our natural perfumes are headache-free since there are no synthetics in them.

the art of slow

We are in love with slow beauty.

Slowing down a bit in our fast paced modern world, a holistic perspective on life, and being truly present are values we at PORCELAIN celebrate and cherish in everything we do. 

Stine Hoff spends two years creating every one of our scented experiences, making every perfume complex, soulful and rich.

After being created in Copenhagen, the perfumes mature for months in Northern Italy where they are hand bottled. 

The concept of slow beauty allows us to carefully cultivate our niche scents in a holistic way. And as natural perfumes develop and linger on the skin, they allow you to discover top notes, the heart of the perfume and the depths of the lingering base notes at a leisurely pace. 


At the core of PORCELAIN lies a deep love for nature and its future. Making sure we minimize our footprint when manufacturing products has always been non-negotiable for us. We know that no company creating consumer products can be truly sustainable since the production process uses some of the planet’s resources.

To us, the road to a more earth-friendly world is a constant work in progress. We believe in clear, honest and transparent communication on our business’s impact on the planet and our road to a more sustainable way of life. And we believe every step counts.

All of our products are vegan, free of all additives and produced using environmentally friendly processes with future generations in mind. Everything from the scents to the bottles are made in Europe to minimize our emissions. Our products come in small batches and all our perfumes are hand bottled, minimizing production waste as much as possible.

ipf certified

PORCELAIN is IPF Certified. The International Perfume Foundation certification is internationally recognised and prohibits certified natural perfumers from using any forms of the following:

Animal musk, animal testing (by perfumers or their suppliers), synthetic compounds, parabens, phthalates (carcinogens and endocrine disruptors), isolates, phenoxyethanol, glycols and ethoxylated compounds.