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Cedarté 15 ML

Sale price590,00 DKK

CEDARTÉ captures the essence of sacred rituals and the timeless beauty within.

As you step into a dimly lit room, the first note to greet you is the earthy clary sage. It clears your space, grounding your spirit and preparing you for the sacred experience. The heart of CEDARTÉ is the rich cedarwood, reminiscent of ancient altars and incence. A deep, woody aroma mingling with the sweet smoke. This scent evokes a connection to something greater than oneself. Mixed with the sensual orris butter, its creamy, floral notes ads a touch of melancholy and elegance. It is soft as a silent prayer. Completed with the warm, resinous labdanum it lingers and leaves a lasting impression in your surroundings and your soul.

Aromatic benefits:

Cedarté is grounding and promotes emotional balance. Clary sage is often used to help regulate hormones and labdanum to reduce stress. Its deep, rich aroma makes it popular in meditation & spiritual practices, promoting a sense of introspection.

Proud winners of SCENT OF THE YEAR by Børsen

Porcelain Perfumery Cedarté 15 ML Parfume Glass with Golden Lid
Cedarté 15 ML Sale price590,00 DKK