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Osmanth 15ML

Sale price590,00 DKK

n the golden hours of a lazy summer, after a moment of intimacy, the air is filled with a blend of passion and tranquility. This is the essence captured in the perfume OSMANTH.

Your skin still damp from the lingering act of attraction, the first hint of OSMANTH emerges with a short burst of invigorating bergamot. But as your bodies dry under the warm, golden rays of the sun, the floral heart of the perfume quickly reveals itself—osmanthus. This rare, delicate flower brings a sweet’n'fruity aroma - sensual and alluring. Intertwining with your natural scent, creating an aura that is irresistibly sexy with rich, resinous myrrh surfaces, adding smokiness and warmth.

OSMANTH is wild and warm. It’s the scent of damp skin drying in the sun - a fragrant reminder of golden hours and intimate moments.

Porcelain Perfumery Osmanth 15ML Parfume Glass with Golden Lid
Osmanth 15ML Sale price590,00 DKK