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Myristica 15 ML

Sale price590,00 DKK

MYRISTICA is a celebration of life & light, a tribute to the Sun Gods. It carries the essence of  liquid sunrays in a perfect cocktail of the most exquisite natural ingredients.

The first notes are bright and zesty, like the morning sun rise. It brings an immediate sense of energy and happiness.  The touch of hot spicy sand. It provides you with a spicy kick that dances on the senses, leaving a trail of deep mystery and spiritual connections.

MYRISTICA is a sacred scent that connects the wearer to the divine in a blend of high notes.

Aromatic benefits: 

Myristica is an energy- & mood-booster. Can help reduce fatigue and depression. Frankincense oil is often used to support respiratory health. Its fresh, citrusy scent is invigorating and can help improve focus, concentration and mental clarity. 

Porcelain Perfumery Myristica 15 ML Parfume Glass with Golden Lid
Myristica 15 ML Sale price590,00 DKK